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Simple yet Beautiful

Mordern meaningful jewelry suitable for daily wear. Perfect as a Gift to immortalise a special moment.

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Sculptural Inspiration

Creating jewelry that YOU may love to wear it every day, is the most meaningful things ever for us.

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Significant Gorgeous

“Fashion fades, style is eternal”

Nothing marks a precious moment or holds a magical story like precious jewelry. Aslowe jewels are thoughtfully designed and handmade with love and excitement. With sustainability in mind, we want to help you mark your magic moments with pearls and precious gemstones that last forever and only age elegantly with time.

Every piece as unique, as extraordinary as you.

We love each gemstone and we never believed in mass production. Almost all of out pieces are unique and one of a kind as no two natural stones are exactly identical.

We find the most suitable cutting and setting to design the perfect piece with each stone we sourced. All of them are highly customisable and extremly extraordinary.

Hey! We're ASLOWE

Nothing marks a precious moment or holds a magical story like precious jewelry. We want to define the way modern women think of precious jewelry, not as something we are given, but as something we choose ourselves.

We want to help you mark your moments forever with our precious natural gemstones that are expertly designed and crafted.

Let ASLOWE pieces witness every step of your journey and let us build a long lasting friendship with you.

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