Top 6 Jewelry Trends Not to Miss in 2019

Looking back at old photos, we realize exact piece of jewelry we were obsessed with during that given time. Remember the week you wore a silver ring on every single finger? Some trends come and go quickly, but some have staying here longer.

In 2019, shells becomes popular beyond the beach and summer days. We couldn't imagine a few years back, a pair of conch hoops would show up in an evening gown.

We are excited to see more items to bring to Aslowe and here are our picks for 2019. Scroll down to brush up on what's new and now, or directly jump to the category you want to shop.


Jewelry Trend 2019: Personalized

Letterword Medium Size Necklace in Gold (U.P. $19.9)

It may be thanks to the resurgence of early 2000s trends that we're collecting monograms again. Don't be afraid to choose letters that are big and bold. Spark conversation when you wear someone else's initial, instead of your own.


Jewelry Trend 2019: Gold Hoops

Selena Gomez, JLo, Emily Ratajkowski, and Hailey Baldwin are fans of Jennifer Fisher's gold hoops in all sizes. Aslowe has brought you a variety of gold hoops with unique style and unconventional shapes.

Clinne Fashion Vintage Circle Earrings (U.P. $17.9)

Bamboo Chic Huggie Hoop Earring (U.P. $19.9)

Wave Circle Matte Chic Earring in Gold (U.P. $17.9)


Jewelry Trend 2019: Bonhomie Tassel

Lillian Bonhomie Tassel Colorful Drop Earrings (U.P. $19.9)

Cara Bonhomie Tassel Colourful Drop Earrings ($19.9)

Jewelry Trend 2019: Hand Woven Wicker Earring

Aurora Pearls Heart Shape Bonhomie Hand Woven Wicker Hoop Earrings (U.P. $19.9)

Arlene Cowrie Shell Bonhomie Hand Woven Wicker Hoop Earrings (U.P. $19.9)


Jewelry Trend 2019: Layered Necklace

Diamond Leaf Fashion Exclusive Bracelet Set in Gold (U.P. $19.9)


Cactus & Love Fashion Exclusive Bracelet Set in Gold